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Tips for filing a claim

Always send any mail to the VA certified mail and keep the green tab that they have to send back to you.

If you do not hear from the VA within two months of sending your claim then resend the claim certified mail again, with a copy of the original claim.

In your claim, describe all symptoms that you believe related to disorder (i.e. I hurt my right knee in servie but my left knee hurts now too because I’ve overused it or I have a service connected back condition and I am now suffering from a mental condition because of the limitations that my back puts on my ability to do what I used to do).

List where you are treating and where you have treated for you condtion.

If you are sent to a VA medical exam for your condition take a spouse or someone you trust along with you.  After the exam that person should write out a statement of what he observed.

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by Matthew Hill
April 30, 2010

Favorable comments by VA doctors

Recently I was asked by a veteran “Why does it take so long for an appeal to go through even when a VA Doctor indicated in writing that my foot condition would have been aggrivated during my sevice time?” 

The VA benefits process is complicated.  Although doctors can help or hurt a claim with their C&P reports, they do not ultimately decide the claim.  Once a doctor makes her report it goes back to the adjudicator in charge of your claim at the VA and that person must make the decision.   Unfortunately, it is common for a doctor to write his report and the VA still take months to issue a decision.  I’ve also seen instances where a doctor wrote a favorable report and the veteran was still denied.

For Questions About Your Disability Claim... Contact Us

by Matthew Hill
April 16, 2010

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