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Legal Advice for Every Veteran in Need

Legal Advice for Every Veteran in NeedIn the state of Florida, one in five residents receives some kind of Social Security, and a great many of them are veterans. For American veterans legal advice from an experienced attorney could make all the difference between being able to obtain the benefits that they need, and winding up deeply in debt.

One in three Florida residents who are over the age of 65 rely on Social Security benefits for their only income. The same could be said for those who are in need of a veterans lawyer’s advice. It is important to find real veterans legal advice early on, so that the possibility of losing that income is brought down to the lowest level possible. Only an experienced Social Security and veterans disability lawyer should be trusted to handle this kind of worry.

The right veterans legal advice team could also help their clients who might otherwise make a mistake, or miss a deadline during the appeals process. If a deadline is missed, or a form is not filled out correctly, it could be a disaster for those counting on benefits. The government does not need much of an excuse to delay handing out benefits, which is why the importance of hiring trustworthy legal experts is so important.

The same could be said for the elderly population. In Florida, a whopping 85% of first appeals for SSD and SSI benefits are denied each year. This trend could soon increase, since the overall demographic of Americans over the age of 85 is expected to grow from 5.7 million in 2010 to more than 19 million in 2050. Because elderly individuals are hospitalized three times more than the rest of the population, they incur average out of pocket health care costs of $4,605. The right attorney could help to lessen that financial burden.

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by Matthew Hill

October 8, 2013

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