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Selecting a Veterans Lawyer to Fight for your Claim

Veteran’s law is different from any other type of state or federal administrative law.  The Department of Veteran’s Affairs only allows those lawyers who have successfully applied for accreditation to represent veterans in the Agency.

Here is a checklist that you should use in interviewing a lawyer for your veteran’s claim:

1.     How long has the attorney been practicing veteran’s law?

The Court of Appeals for Veteran’s Claims was founded in 1988.  Private Attorneys were granted a much broader right to practice in the Agency– before the Regional Office and the Board of Veterans’ Appeals– in 2007.  You should look for a law firm that has lawyers who practice both in the Agency and before the Court.

2.     Is the attorney admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals for Veteran’s Claims.

The CAVC is the court that considers appeals from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  Work before this court is a major part of the work of a veteran’s attorney.  Your attorney should have this qualification.

3.     Is the attorney accredited by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs?

In 2007, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs began accrediting attorneys to work before the Regional Offices and the Board of Veteran’s Appeals.  An attorney cannot represent you in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs without this qualification.

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