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Types of VA Benefits

There are two basic types of benefits available through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  These are VA disability benefits and health benefits.

VA Disability benefits are monthly payments made to service men and women, and, in some cases, their families. For injuries that are caused by some service connected event, disability payments are made based on the degree of the injury. A serviceman does not have to be completely disabled to receive compensation benefits.

For servicemen who served in a period of war, the VA law allows a pension benefit, regardless of whether the disability was service connected.  This benefit is income and asset tested and only applies to those wartime veterans who do not have significant income and assets.

Widows and widowers of deceased service may also be entilted to payments based on condition of their spouse.  The VA law provides for a monthly payment where the cause of death was a service connected conditon or where the veteran was totally disabled because of a service connected condition for a long period of time before the death.

The VA provides extensive medical benefits for veterans, and, in some cases, for their families.  These medical benefits are budgeted each year by Congress and individual entitlement is determined based on the budget made by Congress.

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