Mental Health Diagnostic Tool

The Questions

Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible, selecting the option that best reflects your daily experiences and symptoms. Remember that this is a self-assessment questionnaire designed to help you understand your condition better, but it is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis. Only a healthcare provider can diagnose PTSD or any other mental health condition and assign a VA rating.

Please note: If you are feeling suicidal or in danger of hurting yourself or others, seek immediate professional help.

1. How often do you find yourself disoriented, not knowing where you are or what time it is?

Often, and I cannot remember names of close relatives, my occupation, or my own name
Occasionally, mostly when under significant stress
Rarely, and only during periods of extreme stress or anxiety

2. Do you experience delusions or hallucinations?

Constantly, these affect my daily functioning significantly
Frequently, these interfere with my work, relationships, or daily tasks
Sometimes, usually during high-stress situations
Rarely or never

3. How would you describe your behavior?

I exhibit grossly inappropriate behavior that I cannot control
I often struggle with impulse control, showing unprovoked irritability and even occasional periods of violence
I display stereotyped or circumstantial behavior that occasionally affects my productivity
My behavior is mostly normal, although I may become more anxious or suspicious during periods of stress
I don’t have any behavioral issues

4. Do you experience difficulty in performing your activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene?

Yes, I am unable to maintain minimal personal hygiene
Yes, but not all the time; I neglect personal hygiene during periods of intense depression or panic
Occasionally, usually when I’m feeling extremely anxious or stressed
No, I maintain my personal hygiene well

5. Have you experienced problems in your work, school, or family relationships due to your mental health?

Yes, I am unable to function in these areas due to my mental health symptoms
Yes, I struggle a lot in these areas; my relationships, judgment, thinking, or mood are frequently affected
Yes, but only sometimes; my reliability and productivity are reduced
Occasionally, I experience decreased work efficiency and intermittent periods of inability to perform tasks
No, my symptoms do not significantly interfere with my occupational and social functioning

6. Do you struggle with speech, thought processes, or communication in general?

Yes, my thought processes are grossly impaired, and my speech can be illogical, obscure, or irrelevant
Sometimes, especially during panic attacks or periods of depression
Occasionally, I may have difficulty understanding complex commands or exhibit circumlocutory speech
Rarely, usually only during periods of high stress or anxiety
No, I don’t have issues with my thought processes or communication

7. How often do you experience panic attacks or periods of depression?

Near-continuously, affecting my ability to function independently, appropriately, and effectively
More than once a week, reducing my reliability and productivity
Weekly or less often, but still causing an occasional decrease in work efficiency
Only during periods of significant stress or when not on continuous medication
Never or very rarely

8. How does your formally diagnosed mental condition impact your daily life and ability to function?

My symptoms are severe, persistently affect my daily life, and I am unable to function socially or occupationally
I experience significant symptoms that frequently impact my work, relationships, and daily tasks
I have noticeable symptoms that reduce my reliability and productivity in occupational and social settings
My symptoms occasionally decrease my work efficiency and cause intermittent periods of inability to perform tasks
My symptoms are mild or transient, only decreasing my work efficiency and ability to perform occupational tasks during periods of significant stress, or my symptoms are controlled by continuous medication
My symptoms are not severe enough to interfere with my occupational and social functioning or to require continuous medication

9. Have you had suicidal thoughts?

Yes, frequently
Once or Twice
Please provide additional details about how each of the symptoms that are problems for you are affecting your life.