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Many companies out there talk a big game and yet, they start by charging veterans hundreds of dollars upfront. Talk about a bad first impression. We understand if you are reading this you’re likely having a tough time making ends meet and unknown expenses can be the difference between being able to afford rent or food that month. We get it… so we charge NOTHING UPFRONT. We work on a contingency basis which means we only collect a fee from your recovered retroactive benefits once your claim is won. If we lose, then nothing is owed to our firm. We’ve been helping the disabled for over 30 years and we feel this has been the most effective way to work with our clients.

Absolutely! Hill & Ponton is a VA-Accredited law firm started by Navy veteran and attorney Brian Hill and long-time disability attorney Carol Ponton in Florida. While we cannot take every case, we offer 100+ free articles and videos on VA disability benefits.

VA disability lawyers can help clarify the “legalese” and “VA math” being presented to you. A VA disability attorney can help ensure that your claim is properly supported by evidence so that your claim can be appealed successfully, if necessary. In fact, many of the VA’s web pages and documentations urge veterans to consider getting some type of help whether from VSOs or disability attorneys when considering appeals.

It depends. If you are receiving SSDI, then you may be eligible for service connected VA benefits without an offset; the opposite is also true. However, there are income-eligible benefits that may create an offset such as SSI from Social Security and/or non-service-connected VA pensions. Please keep in mind our firm no longer assists with Social Security claims.

Our Free Case Evaluation includes a confidential call with a highly-trained Disability Services Coordinator who will go through a series of thorough questions specifically handpicked by our attorneys to determine whether or not we may be able to assist in your case. If we identify your case as one we could potentially assist with, we will request certain documentation, and share it directly to our attorney Matthew Hill who personally reviews cases every week.

We help veterans all over the country. While our headquarters are in Florida, we have committed to being a paperless law firm and thus our process can be conducted virtually via Phone, Zoom/Skype, Email, Fax, traditional mail, etc. Just make sure you tell us which state you’re in so we don’t call you too early.

We’ve been practicing VA law for decades and if there’s anything we learned is that VA law is extremely complex and requires a nuanced touch in order to provide high quality representation. These cases can take years to develop through no fault of the veteran or the attorney. Due to these reasons we cannot take every case that is presented to us, unfortunately. 

We’re proud of our work and enjoy helping veterans and their families every day. Hill and Ponton has a 96% success rate with VA cases we have accepted.

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