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Understanding Veterans Disability Law

For those who have served our country in the Armed Forces, Congress has passed a law which provides extensive medical and disability benefits.  This law was meant by Congress to be a “veteran-friendly” law.  Unfortunately, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs does not always interpret this law in favor of the veteran.

Types of Benefits

Veterans may be entitled to two different types of disability payments. These are service connected compensation benefits and non-service connected pension benefits. Our experienced veteran’s disability lawyers handle service connected compensation claims on a contingency basis. This means that the veteran does not pay us a fee unless the veteran recovers past due benefits from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Learn more.

The VA law also provides extensive medical benefits to veterans.  While Hill & Ponton does not handle VA medical claims directly, we are able to provide the veteran with local county service officers who can guide the veteran through this area of VA benefits without charge.

Making a Veterans Claim

The veterans’ law was designed by Congress to be a veterans friendly law.  There is no time limit on when a claim can be brought.  Congress recognized that, sometimes, an event that occurred in service may take many years to cause a disability.  In these cases, the veteran is entitled to bring a claim no matter how long it has been since he got out of the service. Learn more.

Retroactive Awards

In some cases, your award may have an effective date that could go back for decades.  When this happens, the VA is required to pay you all of the benefits you would have received over the years. Learn more.

Why Hire a Veterans Disability Lawyer

Veteran’s Disability Law is an extremely complex area of law.  Prior to 2006, veterans were not allowed to hire attorneys to represent them in the Regional Office and the BVA.  This law was changed in 2006 with the recognition by Congress that veterans should have the right to hire legal representation in this very important area of law.  In veteran’s disability claims, legal representation helps clarify the issues and helps ensure that the claim is properly supported by evidence so that the claim can be appealed, if necessary. Learn more.

Selecting a lawyer

Veteran’s law is different from any other type of state or federal administrative law.  The Veteran’s Department of Veteran’s Affairs only allows those lawyers who have successfully applied for accreditation to represent veterans in the Agency. See our checklist.

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