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Hill & Ponton, P.A. has helped over 30,000 people secure the benefits they deserve. Here are reviews from just a few of our satisfied clients.

  • Choosing Hill and Ponton (H&P) is the best decision I ever made!   I am a 70+ year old disabled Vietnam Veteran with Parkinson’s Disease brought on by Agent Orange.  Recently my conditions have worsened, and I made a secondary claim to the VA.  Surprisingly, the VA rejected my claim based on hasty analysis by a non-VA medical subcontractor.  I felt wronged and reached out to Hill and Ponton (H&P).   H&P immediately accepted my challenge and then presented a compelling case.   The VA quickly redecided my claim and granted me a 100% Permanent and Total Disability Rating!  H&P’s advocacy of Veterans is outstanding while their legal expertise, commitment, and achieving results are superb! 


  • My experience with Hill & Ponton was excellent. Melanie Williams and her staff worked tirelessly on my claim until I was awarded 100% disability. There were times that I said to Melanie “Do you think we have a chance to win this claim”, and she always assured me that if the approach we were trying didn’t work, that there were other things we could try. And she was right. If you are looking for the best law firm for your VA Disability case, you will be very happy with the results you get working with Hill & Ponton.


  • The amount of resources you provide veterans without wanting anything in return really shows that we are more than a case number. Granted you hope people will hire you but you want veterans to be knowledgeable so they are not taken advantage of. You will not know me but I was able to get a 100% p&t rating using the tools your firm provide. I ask any veteran to not do it how I did because the VA is not for the veteran but Hill and Ponton had one goal and that’s to help veterans navigate the tricky VA system. In the event this message gets to the partners I wanted to say THANK YOU and I probably would not be in this world as I had nobody helping me but through the information freely given I am able to help support my family. Integrity is a word not often used in the world of lawyers but I can say that is exactly what you get when hiring Hill and Ponton or like me using the amazing database of information they give for free.

    Justin D. Cofer, USAF

  • Nothing but professionals. They were hands on from day one. I will highly recommend them. Very honest and they know how to make things happen. Could never have gotten his claim approved on our own. Thank You for being there for this veteran.

    R. Patt

  • As a Vet you may have filed a disability claim, and if you want to win your claim you need to call Hill and Ponton. I didn’t know what to do about my condition or status until I made the call. At H&P they not only took my case, but made me feel like family. They changed my life and they will change your life too. It’s true! In my opinion you can’t do better and you won’t regret it!

    Paul K.

  • I would like to thank the whole Hill & Ponton team that was responsible for completing a successful claim on my behalf. My family and I are forever grateful for your service on my claim. I pray that other veterans who need wise counsel and advocacy, will contact you. May God bless each and everyone of you.

    Thomas Sedgwick

  • Thank you, Carol…before you in this process I had known only sadness and disappointment. By your skill and perseverance my lot has improved…I will always be grateful.


  • The service provided by Hill and Ponton was exemplary. The lawyers and staff took care of every aspect with respect and understanding of the clients needs. In my case, as a new widow, they patiently walked me through each step. They kept me informed of the progress. I cannot say enough about the service they provided. Thank you Brian and staff.

    Judith K Zitzewitz

  • I am totally satisfied with the assistance I received from Hill & Ponton. I tried for to get my much needed 100% permanent disability from the VA as early as 2012 with no results. I fractured my cervical spine (C7) in a car accident while on active duty and only received 40% in 2008. My body deteriorated with urology issues which caused me to use a catheter to void my urine, spondylosis in my lower back, radiculopathy in my legs from nerve damage to C7 spine, I developed Sleep Apnea and Depression, and with all that I couldn’t get past 80%. I called Hill & Ponton while on my last leg, worn out from trying to get the VA to see how I couldn’t work and I thought I had to try one last measure. They reviewed my case and got back with me shortly to say they would take up my case and go to work for me. I didn’t really know what to expect but Hill & Ponton kept me up to date on the letters and actions they submitted to the VA on my behalf. I finally got good news in November 2021 that I was approved for 100% Permanent and Total Disability. I was relieved and so appreciative to the entire Hill & Ponton staff who knew what to do and who kept fighting for me after continued C & P evaluations and filing letters on my behalf. It was less than 6 months that they got it done for me, so I really want to thank Mrs. Sara Hill and her team, Melanie, Dee, Danielle, and all the staff that kept contacting me and keeping me hopeful during this process. It’s sad that when you have a legitimate claim the VA still fights you, but it’s good to know that there are lawyers like the Hill & Ponton Law Office out there to support us. This is just a little thank you for what you have done for me and I really can’t put it in words how I’m feeling about the assistance I received.

    Edward A. P.

  • Thanks for the Great Job. I am Happy Happy Happy! Hill and Ponton, PA made my life easy and stress free with getting Approval for My Claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Hill and Ponton, PA and staff are extremely Veteran-Friendly and proactive in seeking results that are best for the veteran. I have been submitting my claim and appeals for years with slow and negative results. Without a doubt the best decision I have ever made was letting Hill and Ponton PA do all the heavy lifting and hard work. Within a matter of months all the results are Positive and stress free. Thanks very much.

    George R.

  • I have sought out the VA many times on behalf of my medical issues. It was difficult to handle and I was not taken seriously with my C & P that was assigned to me. After several denials of my VA claims on my own, I decided to reach out to Hill and Ponton. The entire staff from the case managers, Danielle, Dahomey, to my attorney’s Melanie and Sara. I’m thankful to God for leading and setting up this wonderful team. If I had a question or concerns, I emailed or left a message to only receive a response within 24hrs or earlier. The journey took a couple of years, but with patience and giving it to God, we were successful. Please reach out to Hill and Ponton if you have been denied and they will help guide you. What I love about the company is that they will not lie or make any hidden agendas to benefit them. If they can’t do anything, they will let you know as well as if they have a case. Again, I am a blessed woman to have God and the team. Because I would not have been able to see the outcome if not for them.


  • After the VA denied my original disability claim, I decided to appeal the case using a legal firm to represent me. The first firm I contacted email back that they weren’t interested and recommended that I work with a local facilitator (like the American Legion). The second firm wanted the case, but when I couldn’t get in touch with the attorney who was to handle the case to ask a few questions, I crossed them off my list. The third firm was Hill & Ponton. They contacted me to schedule a phone call with senior partner Sara Hill. Within several days, she and I had an hour long phone conversation. It was clear that she had already read the original filing and the denial paperwork. Her observation that their firm sees many cases like mine (deserving, but denied without the reviewer closely inspecting the information submitted about the claim). She reviewed with me, in general, how she would proceed with the case, which made perfect sense. We agreed to the terms of a contingency retainer, which provided that Hill & Ponton would get compensated only if they won an appeal on my behalf. During the coming months, the firm did an excellent job of keeping me posted on what was happening, and sent me copies of everything for my file. And I could always reach Sara or one of her aides if I had questions. Sara’s strategy was to initially submit an appeal using the Review by a Higher Authority option. After about four months after filing it, she received a notice that the VA was approving my appeal at the 100% level, retroactive to my initial claim filing date. To say the least, I was ecstatic. Within a week, my first month’s payment was direct deposited in my bank account, and the VA had mailed me a paper check for the retroactive lump sum payment. I wholeheartedly recommend Hill & Ponton and Sara Hill to any veteran needing help getting the best outcome to a disability filing with the VA.

    Terry R.

  • From the first interaction with Hill & Ponton, I knew that everything that legally could be done would be brought to bare on my claim. I had an incomplete outprocessing when I left the military and a less than satisfactory medical briefing during my final out. Over the previous five years, my claims have been denied by the VA for the flimsiest of reasons. I tried another VSO service which was a total rip off. The owner operator was more concerned with volume of claims versus, individual strategy tailored to my case. They tried a contract that was one sided (did not give me the option to fire them.) However, I fired them and found a second VSO, who looked at my case and recommended Hill & Ponton. They told me, that if Hill & Ponton reviewed my case and took it, that I would have the best chance of a positive ruling with my claim. They were 100% correct! Every interaction with the Hill & Ponton staff was structured, had a clearly defined goal and reassured me that they were doing their best for me. They are very professional, caring, and mission oriented. The end result was that I received the compensation due me based on the table set forth by Veterans Affairs. My husband and I fully endorse Hill & Ponton. And strongly recommend that you give them the opportunity to help you with your claim.

    Kim Bowman

  • Hill and Ponton are remarkable how they treat us veterans. They make you feel relaxed and will give you excellent advice on your claims. Hill & Ponton have a great knowledge how the VA operates. One of the best things I have done was get Hill & Ponton to represent me. It’s remarkable how they can get things accomplished with claims that were denied. This is one of the best ways a veteran can go. I don’t usually do reviews on anything. Hope all you veterans read this.

    Norman J.M.

  • Thank you to the firm of Hill & Ponton!! Brian Hill and his staff were able to get my 100% disability with the VA for my exposure to herbicides in Thailand. I have been fighting for this for many years and kept getting denied, after consulting with Hill & Ponton I decided to let them help me and it was the best decision I could have made. I found their professionalism to be outstanding.

    Chip P.

    North Carolina
  • By 1998 after my return from Desert shield desert storm in 1992 my condition of PTSD deteriorated beyond any comprehension. I was going to the VA telling them everything and submitting claims for almost 18 years. 10%-20% Mr. Hill and his team after securing my 100% (unemployable) rating Literally before the ink dried on the first claim, saw deficiencies in a additional claim that was backdated a little more than a year. With the retroactive payment and secure rating of 100%. Taking your claim to any other lawyer would be a mistake, I have heard horror stories from fellow servicemen and the representation they retained. We defended this country and they are defending us. Hoorah

    Antonio L.

  • They got my disability rating after I was denied twice. They knew exactly how to format and submit the claim. I was rated 50%, Hill & Ponton weren’t done, they found other medical that related to exposure and submitted additional claims. I could not have received a disability rating without Hill & Ponton. If you need help, choose Hill & Ponton.

    Thomas D.

  • I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Hill and Ponton for their tireless effort and dedication to my VA disability claim. I previously filed a claim with the VA without proper representation and regardless of the facts being there. I was denied again and again. Finally, in sheer frustration and almost ready to give up, I found Hill and Ponton through a Google search. They agreed to take my case and from that point on handled everything and kept me completely in the loop. They took over efficiently and effectively, lowering my stress level and this is priceless as I suffer from conditions that stress severely aggravates and renders me completely stagnant and unable to act. My lawyer and case managers never hesitated to answer any questions I had, and they never seemed bothered by my numerous emails. And most importantly, because of their extensive knowledge and experience with navigating the VA claims system, they got me everything I was entitled to including my proper rating and my TDIU and all my retroactive pay. Without Hill and Ponton, I would most likely have received yet another disappointing and undeserved decision regarding my service connection. They ensured that I was given permanent and total so that the VA won’t try and bother me unnecessarily. There just isn’t enough I can say to express how invaluable Hill and Ponton’s services have been and I highly recommend that all my fellow veterans choose them for real results they deserve! Don’t go it alone with the VA! Hill and Ponton was the best decision I’ve ever made, hands down.

    Jonitha M.

  • Dear Sara, the appreciation I have for you and all of your staff that have provided such an excellent service for me can’t be put into words that will truly highlight how I really feel. The professional help and guidance I received during the process needed for me to get my military service benefits was outstanding. Below I will try to give you my testimony for others who may need some help in getting what they earned servicing our country. You may share my story with whomever you please. I started my VA disability claim around 2010. I began filing my claim with my local VA Office. The people in the VA office were helpful most of the time. I was assigned a coordinator to assist me with my claim. My coordinator scheduled me appointments from time to time to get my disability claim activated in their system. As time went on, to me my claim became too complicated for my coordinator to handle. I believe my coordinator was doing the best job possible for their skill level, but I began to feel like my claim was going nowhere and I really needed to make a change. At this point in time a few years had passed and I had gotten turned off with a traditional method the VA had assigned to help me with my claim. To make a long story short one night I woke up from sleep in the middle of the night. I got on my computer and started browsing for web sites that help veterans with their disability claims. Low and behold the first name that popped up on my computer screen was your law firm. Now looking back on everything, Sara said it was a miracle for me. I will never forget that moment until the day I shall die. This was meant for me to get your law firm to represent me. Again, I want to thank you for the excellent work you did as my attorney. I know you have a lot of clients, so your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot to me. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations throughout the course of my case. Every staff member, and especially Dahomey (Dee), was excellent. Getting my 100 percent disability rating is truly a blessing and I will always be grateful.

    Shadeed E.

  • My case was extremely challenging, and I already had 12 other attorneys’ firms pass on taking the case, but Sara K. Hill took the case, went to bat for me, and won my appeals. This took several years, but they updated throughout the process, responding back to every request, email, and phone call…in a timely manner, and always very respectful and professional. I am forever GRATEFUL to Hill and Ponton, Sara K. Hill, and her amazing staff! Again, Thank You Sara!

    John H. Conti II (August 2020)

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