A guide to navigating through the VA system to get your veteran’s benefits.

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Written by Matthew Hill

In 1992 Hill and Ponton began representing veterans before the VA. Matthew Hill focuses his practice on VA service connected compensation. He is a nationally sought after speaker on VA compensation issues. He has been elected to and serves on the board of directors of the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA). He has authored several books on VA benefits. Mr. Hill represents hundreds of veterans directly but he wrote this book in hopes of helping the thousands of other claimants trying to navigate through the complex VA benefits process and to avoid common, yet costly mistakes.

Attorney Matthew Hill

What Veterans Have Said About This Book

When i first submitted a claim in 2010, I had little to no knowledge on how the VA disability claims system worked. I asked questions from other Vets. and always got different answers for the same questions. I eventually started researching information online once i knew what i needed to look for . But if i had a book as this one that i have read : The Road to VA Compensation Benefits, this would have made thing much easier for me. This book is by far the best i have came across, Because it contains all the terminology that VA uses, But defines them so that Veterans can understand them. In my honest opinion every Vet should have this book in their possession as a tool.

Greg H.

Mr. Hill. Thank you very much for the Book. As a Navy Veteran, and a Veterans Service Officer, this a book each and every veteran and their dependents must read, and have. I wish I had more of your books to pass out to veterans daily, as majority of the veterans do not have internet access.

Luis morales