What are TBI Residuals?

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) residuals are ongoing problems you might have after a head injury.

These can affect your thinking, feelings, or body functions.

They matter a lot for veterans applying for VA disability benefits.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of TBI Residuals

  • Cognitive Symptoms: Trouble remembering things, focusing, or paying attention.
  • Emotional/Behavioral Symptoms: Feeling anxious or having quick mood changes.
  • Physical Symptoms: Experiencing seizures or difficulty with balance.

Getting Diagnosed

To get VA benefits, a specialist like a neurologist or psychiatrist must confirm you have TBI.

Your Path to VA Disability Claims

The VA’s 10-Category Rating System for TBI Residuals

Your TBI is evaluated in ten different areas.

These areas look at how the injury impacts your daily life and abilities:

  1. Cognitive Abilities: Checking your memory, focus, planning skills, and ability to adjust to changes.
  2. Judgment: Evaluating if you can make sound decisions.
  3. Social Skills: Observing how well you interact with others.
  4. Orientation: Understanding if you’re aware of your surroundings and time.
  5. Motor Skills: Assessing your ability to do physical activities you’ve learned before.
  6. Visual-Spatial Skills: Seeing if you have trouble navigating even in well-known places.
  7. Subjective Symptoms: Identifying symptoms like panic attacks that can’t be measured objectively.
  8. Neurobehavioral Impact: Looking at changes in your motivation and behavior.
  9. Communication: Determining how well you can speak or write.
  10. Consciousness: Checking for severe conditions like coma or vegetative states.

The VA’s Disability Rating Scale

The VA rates TBI residuals on a scale from 0 to Total:

  • 0%: Normal functioning, no apparent issues.
  • 10%: Mild impact on daily life.
  • 40%: Moderate difficulties.
  • 70%: Severe challenges in functioning.
  • 100%: Total impairment.

If any category is rated as “Total,” the VA will provide a 100% disability rating.

Otherwise, the highest rated category determines your overall rating.

Read about TBI ratings here.

For example, if you have ratings in three categories — 1 for Judgment, 3 for Communication, and 2 for Orientation, the VA will assign a 70% rating, as 3 is the highest.

The higher the rating, the more disability pay you can get.

Understanding TBI residuals is important for getting the right VA benefits.

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