Fort Huachuca

Base Background

Location Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States
Years of Operation 1877-Present

Fort Huachuca dates back to the 19th century and was originally built as a camp for settlers. It became a fort in 1882. Groups of African-American soldiers, known as the Buffalo Soldiers, lived at the fort for 20 years starting in 1913. The 25th Infantry Regiment then moved onto the base in 1933. Various groups have lived and trained on the base since. Currently, the fort is home to the U.S. Army’s Network Enterprise Technology Command and the U.S. Army Intelligence Center.

Known Toxins

The following chart outlines the toxins associated with this military location and the potential effects of exposure.*

Toxin Potential Effects
Strong Good Limited
PFAS (Firefighting Foam) Potential Effects - - Testicular cancer, Renal (kidney) cancer, Prostate cancer

If you were stationed or worked at Fort Huachuca and experienced adverse health effects, you may be eligible for compensation.

*Effects are according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry unless otherwise noted.