Luke Air Force Base

Base Background

Location 14185, Falcon Street, Glendale, Arizona, 85309, United States
Years of Operation 1941-Present

Luke Air Force Base opened in 1941 and is located near Glendale, AZ. The base is one of the largest in the world. It was briefly disestablished at the end of World War II but opened back up during the Korean War. The military started training F-16 Falcon pilots at Luke AFB during the 80’s, and it is currently the only base in the world to do so.

The base is run by the 56th Fighter Wing. About 500 pilots and 700 technicians graduate from the base each year. Luke AFB has nearly 600 homes to accommodate military personnel and their families. While the base has experienced contaminated soil and drinking water in the past, the governments is not note any health concerns at this time.

Known Toxins

The following chart outlines the toxins associated with this military location and the potential effects of exposure.*

Toxin Potential Effects
Strong Good Limited
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Potential Effects Rhinitis ­ irritant - -
Waste Oils Potential Effects - - Mycosis fungoides (cutaneous T­cell lymphoma)

If you worked, trained, or lived on Luke Air Force Base, you may be eligible for compensation for illnesses related to the above contaminants.

*Effects are according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry unless otherwise noted.