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Veterans Benefits Book

The Road to VA Compensation Benefits by Matthew Hill

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Written by Matthew D. Hill

In 1992 Hill and Ponton began representing veterans before the VA. Matthew Hill focuses his practice on VA service connected compensation. He is a nationally sought after speaker on VA compensation issues. He has been elected to and serves on the board of directors of the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA). He has authored several books on VA benefits. Mr. Hill represents hundreds of veterans directly but he wrote this book in hopes of helping the thousands of other claimants trying to navigate through the complex VA benefits process and to avoid common, yet costly mistakes.

Praise from Fellow Veterans

My name is Vickie Clark.  My husband, Robert Clark, was diagnosed with liver cancer back in March 2009.  He was a Vietnam veteran.  I had been telling my husband back in 1992 to apply for VA benefits but he would not do anything.  Finally, when he got diagnosed I decided to take action.  I was looking on the Internet for a law firm that specializes in veterans benefits.  I called the law office of Hill and Ponton.  After Hill and Ponton contacted me, they were so professional and so caring.  I had no idea how to do any paperwork and so I hired them.  I can tell you that I did not do anything, they took care of everything.  If I know of any veterans, I have referred to their office.  Thank you so much Hill and Ponton for all the work you have done to get my deceased husband’s benefits.

– Vickie Clark

Atty. Hill,  I want to let you know how much I really appreciate your diligence and patience concerning this matter. It was very stressful and frustrating for me and I did not want it to go on any longer than necessary. Without your assistance this may have taken forever. Again, thank you and I pray that our paths will cross because it would be great to thank you in person.

– John B.

Mrs. Ponton words cannot describe what I feel this moment!! I’ve waited TWENTY TWO years for this!!!
(recovery for veteran: retro of $402,000 and monthly benefits of 100% permanent and total).

Nov 26 2014

– Ron C.

I wanted to write and tell you and your staff how grateful I am about getting my claim approved by the VA.

Words can not express how I feel about how you help me.  My husband and I fought the VA for years and kept getting denied and he passed away and that is when I found you and you steeped right in and took over I would have not been able to have went on with the VA if not for you and your staff.  So again I give my Thanks and Apreciation to you and if anyone needs help for VA claims I recommend you highly and will be certain I will give them your number to call


Shirely E Norris-Austin

Again Carol, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your awesome professional efforts in this case, I couldn’t have won it without your help.

– Steve Z.

I am a Veteran with 22 years in the system,  I had handled my own claims from the start and had did well in the system until I became unable to work and applied for Total Disability Individual Unemployability with a rating of 80% combined, After 6 years of back and forth with the Regional Office, I selected the Office of Hill and Ponton by researching Attorneys at the Board of Appeals Website,  When I entered specific issues in my claim,  Mr Hill’s name  appeared multiple times as an Attorney who had successfully cleared other veterans cases similar to mine, most without a remand or further administrative delays.  It was clear that this firm is a step ahead of many others.  From initial contact through final development for the Board of Appeals I was kept informed and involved.  Because I am located 2 states away from any of their offices the entire process was handled by email and phone conference,  Many times veterans find themselves talking with Paralegals and begin to feel lost when questions go unanswered pending the Attorney review, With Mr Hill and the firm in general,  if a precise answer is not available immediately that is what you will be told and shortly thereafter a conference will be scheduled to discuss those items.  In the conferences you are given the options available and a recommended course of action. Sometimes the recommended course may not seem the best or it may be difficult to accomplish or accept as correct,  However Mr Hill has the legal knowledge and knows how to best address your claim.  His recommendations and professional assistance in my case not only won on appeal but resulted in a new Service connection for a condition diagnosed the first time 16 years after I left the Army.  The final results for me came down to this,  I am now 90% combined SC TDIU total and Permanent and  my only regret is that I did not contact this firm sooner for help,  I waited 6 years to long.  I have and will continue to refer veterans to the firm of Hill and Ponton for one simple reason,  With them you have a strong and competent voice at the VA you are not alone.

– Wendell E. Pruitt (SFC, USA/USAR / Veteran)

Mr. Hill, thank you so much for your assistance over the last couple of years.  You staff is one of the finest that I have ever encountered. Mrs. Ponton  and her staff were fantastic in assisting me in receiving  my benefits due to me.  She overcame hurdles placed in front of her, but she never wavered in achieving results.  Thank you for all of your work on my case.  Wayne C. Etheridge

– Wayne C. Etheridge

I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION TO MY VALID CLAIMS, MR HILL esq, an Shannon Brewer esq.  are  wonderful, effective, great attorney’s.  Mary also is wonderful, you always returned my calls , or e mailed me with advice, or direction that you were taking, always talked to me through the entire process an I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED HELP.    You have a well run, wonderful firm.

Sincerely, Harry Hydreos

Special thanks to Lawyer Matthew and his wonderful staff. The advertisement which states ” You work on getting well, we will work on getting you the  disability benefits you deserve”!  Hearing this advertisement eased my mind and I began to relax concentrating on getting  better. Lawyer Matthew and the team of personnel worked diligently on getting all needed documents. Helping me to understand exactly what medical/ medication records were needed to help my case. My family and I thank you for your determination, diligent attention to detail and professionalism. Hill & Ponton team you are my number one choice and I and my family will let everyone know that your service will help them when they need it most.

Thank you sincerely

– Rosie Baker & family

When i first submitted a claim in 2010, I had little to no knowledge on how the VA disability claims system worked. I asked questions from other Vets. and always got different answers for the same questions. I eventually started researching information online once i knew what i needed to look for . But if i had a book as this one that i have read : The Road To VA Compensation Benefit, This would have made thing much easier for me. This book is by far the best i have came across, Because it contains all the terminology  that VA uses, But defines them so that Veterans can understand them. In my honest opinion every Vet. should have this book in there possession as tool.

– Greg H.

Mr. Hill.  Thank you very much for the Book.  As a Navy Veteran, and a Veterans Service Officer, this a book each and every veteran and there dependents must read, and have.  I wish I had more of your books to pass out to veterans daily, as majority of the veterans do not have internet access.

If you can, mail me some books, and I will pass them to those in need.

– Louis Morales

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